Newsletter July 2019


Newsletter July 2019

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Newsletter July 2019

Officially summertime now meaning hot sweaty sessions at Elemental Fitness and the Elemental Kickboxing Academy. Great opportunity to buy some Team EKA Top Ten shorts! Other than things heating up EF has a new member of staff joining the ranks, exciting times!

​June Challenge

!!The top positions are in for June Challenge!!

First place is John Macdonald with a time of 1:31.10 in second is Keith Hill with a time of 1:28.53 and third is Natasha Cumming with a time of 1:19.72. Check out all the final positions here on the challenge page.

Well done to all that participated and good luck in the July challenge. Here is where you will find all results throughout 2019 and the previous year’s winners.

July Challenge

Do you love to do as many burpees as possible? What are we thinking…of course you do? How about a challenge where you do as many burpees as you can in five minutes?

Wait a minute, that’s going to be too easy. How about for every burpee you do you go into horse stance and do a jab cross also, yes, now were talking. July’s challenge is exactly this. You will start with one burpee and one jab/cross in horse stance and just keep adding extra ones until A – 5-minutes is up or B: you collapse from exhaustion and an unwillingness to participate in this awesome challenge!

Click here to see the board and all that have endured the new challenge.

New Staff Member

Elemental Fitness will like to welcome James Hutchinson to the team as its new full-time personal trainer. After working through many candidates and interviews James made it to the end showing off not only his qualifications and ability to do a great job but his friendly nature will fit into the atmosphere of the Elemental Fitness way.

Being a PT requires you to do a lot of face to face work with some great people and having a welcoming and motivating attitude. James fits the bill and we hope to see a bright future with him joining us making Elemental Fitness a great brand to be a part of.

School updates

It is never a great thing when a contract is lost for a company. Changes need to be made that you don’t want to do and uncertainty of what to do next can put pressure on those trying to make the best of a situation.

However, with the loss of Westminster C of E, Elemental Fitness takes a hit emotionally as it’s not the loss of earnings but the loss of some great students whose lives were changed for the better of due to the presence of the both David and James.

It is an unfortunate event due to government cutbacks and hopefully things may change in the future and we can be back to see how the guys are.

Sponsorship Opportunities

It’s not all bad news though, and the loss of Westminster isn’t necessarily a bad thing, through losing the contract, and in turn not being able to guide the children with positive reinforcement of physical activity, David decided to reach out with a sponsorship opportunity.

From June 2019 Elemental Fitness has started a sponsorship programme with the schools it is currently working with to help students that are from backgrounds that a simple club membership is an unobtainable luxury, or those that need to improve life quality and may have image issues.

The sponsorship will give these children a full unlimited membership to the EKA with the potential to earn their way to black belt. We believe this is going to our way of giving back to the community and improving a child’s life. We hope to expand this to more children over time and possibly adults that need that change in their life.

Recent Blogs

Catch up on some interesting topics among other things our staff and clients have written about.

Looking back to 2017 and a blog from James about the benefits of skipping.


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