About Us

About Us

Elemental Fitness was founded in 2008 by David Kenyon, a graduate of a BSc (Hons) in Sports, Health, Exercise & Nutrition (University of Leeds) and fourth Dan black belt in Freestyle karate and kickboxing.

Since 2008 Elemental Fitness has offered bespoke training to help members reach their goals. We use a variety of methods concentrating on cardio, resistance, fartlek, interval, plyometric, flexibility, circuits, kickboxing and group classes to improve physiological and psychological well-being. Our sessions are structured to include plenty of variety to keep keep your sessions enjoyable and increase motivation by stimulating the release of endorphins and encouraging your to stay focused for longer.

We offer a variety of packages such as individual and joint personal training, circuit classes, boot camps and online personal training to help you find the right approach for you.

Alongside our personal training services, Elemental Fitness founded the Elemental Kickboxing Leeds club in 2008 to offer additional training to members who want to concentrate on kickboxing training in a group setting and participate in gradings. We offer kickboxing for beginners all the way to advanced. All of our group classes take place at the Elemental Fitness studio. For further information on the Elemental Kickboxing Leeds please visit our website or visit our EKA facebook page here.

Our facility is set in a large private studio in Bramley, Leeds. The studio hosts an extra large sprung floor, a boxing ring, climbing wall, CV and resistance equipment, punch and kick bags alongside plenty of additional equipment to assist with kickboxing, fartlek and plyometric training to name a few.

A personal trainer can provide many benefits. As well as providing education and helping you to reach your fitness goal efficiently, a personal trainer can help you to improve your fitness levels, psychological well-being, social interaction and reduce stress.

We have a range of personal trainers at Elemental Fitness who are well equipped and qualified. They have a diverse range of skills to accommodate anyone no matter of age or ability. There are many areas where you will benefit from a personal trainer at Elemental Fitness.

For further information please read out full article on the benefits of personal training with Elemental Fitness here.

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Whether you want to train towards a challenge, improve your physique for a holiday or wedding, learn kickboxing to build confidence and get fit, or just need some help getting you started on a healthier and more active lifestyle, get in touch for an induction and start your new journey today.

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us
Support Throughout

Elemental Fitness will support you throughout your journey. We are strong believers in creating a fun and enjoyable workout in our private gym to help you achieve and maintain your goals.

Why Choose Us

Without consistency, a tailored training plan can soon lose its value. Working together ensures a great training plan with fantastic outcomes.

Why Choose Us
Tailored to You

Everyone is individual. Everyone is unique. With this in mind, we cater and tailor to all shapes, sizes and fitness levels to ensure the best from your sessions.

Why Choose Us

One of the hardest tasks in fitness is to keep yourself motivated. Training with one of our personal trainers ensures motivation and keeps you engaged in your goals.