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Remote Personal Training Leeds

Save of cost, not content. Remote personal training is a great way to start lower cost personal training. Working with a personal trainer, you can input all your data via our app and follow tailored programs from the comfort of your home, out in the park or at the gym.

This flexible approach is a great addition to our existing offers and can be used as an independent service or combination of the face to face personal training and remote training (Hybrid).

Then Benefits of Remote Personal Training

The benefits of remote personal training are equal to all the benefits of exercise which the added edition of a personal training designing effective work outs to help you achieve your goals. We have listed some of our favourite benefits below

- Faster results

- Increased motivation

- Variety in training

- Personalised training plans

- Expert advice and tips

- Nutritional advice

- Overcome Plateaus

- Create long term healthy habits

How It Works

Remote Personal Training

Remote personal training can be arranged at your convenience. We start the process with a similar approach to our face to face personal training sessions by arranging an induction over the phone.

At the induction we will gather the information needed to start your program. This can include, but not limited to, goals, training history, current training, exercise likes and dislikes and lifestyle factors. More information about this process can be found here.

Upon completion of your induction the trainer will create your first session to complete at your agreed location which is accessed via our app. When completing your work out you can tick completed tasks and input feedback for your trainer to view when they next access your account. Upon completion of your work out, the trainer will get notified and build your next routine based on performance and/or goals. Reviews are held by phone once per month to discuss your training in detail and conversations can be had via the app with your trainer if you require assistance.

*please note if you would like a face to face induction to start your remote personal training journey, this can be arranged by contacting us here.

Face to Face & Remote Personal Training (Hybrid)

This combination package is a hybrid of our face to face personal training and remote personal training. Your first session is held face to face to complete a more thorough induction which includes include a full body measurements using our body composition scales, peak flow meter and blood pressure monitor to name a few. More information about this process can be found here.

The degree in which you train face to face and remotely will depend on your goals and what you would personally like to do. For example if you require more gym experience before training independently we may advise you train twice per week face to face, and once per week remotely. This can be organised over a 10 week period totalling 20 face to face personal training sessions, and 10 remote personal training sessions. The remote personal training session may be structured with more body weighted and flexibility focused exercises to ease you into independent training, whilst your face to face personal training may be more ambitious. On the other hand you may prefer to train independently more often due to more experience, travel or financial reasons, and engage in face to face personal training two or three times per month. Which ever approach you choose, we are flexible and will help you on your way.

Gym Access

As part of all our face to face personal training sessions, remote personal training and online training sessions we offer our clients exclusive access to our facilities for a small cost.

Top Packages

12 Weeks/24 Hours

12 Weeks/24 Hours

Get 12 weeks, at twice a week, of personal training at the fraction of the cost of 1 on 1 personal training. save on cost, not on content.

20 Weeks/80 Hours

20 Weeks/80 Hours

Get 20 weeks, at twice a week, of personal training at the fraction of the cost of 1 on 1 personal training. Save on cost, not on content.

Best Combi

Best Combi

Get 10 weeks, at twice a week remote training and once at face-to-face personal training. Combine the accessibility of remote training and the guidance of face-to-face training in one for the best value for money.

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Visit our Store

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