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Save on cost without sacrificing quality. Remote personal training is an affordable option to kickstart your fitness journey. Collaborate with a personal trainer, input your data via our app, and follow customised programs from the comfort of your home, the park, or your local gym.

This flexible approach complements our existing offers and can be used as a standalone service or in conjunction with face-to-face personal training, gym access and online training.

Benefits of Remote Personal Training

Experience all the advantages of exercise with the added benefit of personalized training designed to help you achieve your goals. Here are some of the key benefits:

Quick results | Increased motivation | Variety in training | Personalised training plans | Expert advice and tips | Nutritional guidance | Overcoming plateaus | Establishing long-term healthy habits

How It Works

Remote Personal Training: Arrange remote personal training sessions at your convenience. We begin with an induction over the phone, gathering essential information such as goals, training history, preferences, and lifestyle factors. Upon completion, your trainer will create your first session accessible via our app. As you complete workouts, provide feedback for your trainer to tailor future routines based on your performance and goals. Monthly reviews via phone ensure your training remains on track, with ongoing support available through the app.

Face-to-Face & Remote Personal Training: This hybrid package combines face-to-face and remote personal training. The comprehensive induction includes full-body measurements using state-of-the-art equipment. Training frequency, whether face-to-face or remote, is customized to your goals and preferences. For instance, you may opt for more face-to-face sessions initially to build gym experience before transitioning to independent training. Alternatively, you may prefer a more independent approach due to experience, travel, or financial considerations, with occasional face-to-face sessions for added guidance.

Gym Access: Enjoy exclusive access to our facilities as part of your training sessions, whether face-to-face, remote, or online, for a nominal fee.

At Elemental Fitness, we prioritise your fitness journey's effectiveness, flexibility, and affordability.

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