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School Training Programmes

Elemental Fitness personal trainers and martial arts instructors can provide engaging training programmes from key stage 1 through to key stage 4. We tailor all our groups classes to be age appropriate and focus on the specific requirements requested by the school.

We have experience of working with a wide range of schools throughout Leeds and the surrounding areas. We have hosted additional play time activities during lunch breaks, afterschool activities, sports coaching for young people and kickboxing classes. In addition, we work with young athletes at our personal training facility in Bramley, Leeds allowing those with specific needs to engage in more tailored training should they wish or attend out group kickboxing classes to continue their training.

The benefits

There are a wide range of benefits to having a personal trainer and martial arts instructor attend your school. Harnessing a personal trainers' skills and experience can result in increasing your student's success rate alongside increasing their workout motivation through regular support and interesting work outs. We have listed some of our favourite benefits below

- Improved technique

- Improved form

- Reduced risk of injury

- Faster results

- Increased motivation

- Inspire

- Variety in training

- Expert advice and tips

- Nutritional advice

- Overcome Plateaus

- Create long term healthy habits

Freestyle Karate & Kickboxing Training

Freestyle karate and kickboxing training is one of our most popular approaches. People of all ages enjoy a kickboxing work out, and no matter what their goals, incorporating this type of training into a child or young person's training routine acts as a great motivator.

Kickboxing training is a sports-based approach to physical exercise. All our attending instructors are highly qualified martial arts instructors and have experience of teaching members from complete beginner to more experienced black belts and competition fighters. We use the modern methods of freestyle karate and kickboxing to help individuals achieve their targets through the high energy approach this type of martial arts offers, whether it be improve fitness and strength, lose weight or learn martial arts, grade and compete.

Sports Coaching

Sport Coaching is used to share knowledge, practical skills and experience in sports and fitness coaching.

Our courses can range from 6 weeks+ and typically include a combination of training involving physiology, psychology, biomechanics and the sociology of sport, and how this can be used to deliver coaching to younger students in the school.

Students will have the opportunity to learn from trainers who teach from their own professional coaching experiences in sports and exercise such as kickboxing, and who continue to engage in sport. Towards the final weeks of their program students will be given the opportunity to deliver practical sessions in different sports and activities.

Games & Outdoor Activities

Instructors of Elemental Fitness have worked with a variety of schools providing extra curricular activities during break times and after school clubs. We can provide sessions focused on developing multi-skills such as reaction, balance, coordination and timing, as well as team work and indepedence.

Our Experience

To date Elemental Fitness has a range of experience working with primary and secondary schools such as

- Calverley CE Primary School, Leeds

- St Marys Catholic Primary School, Leeds

- West Park Primary School, Leeds

- Summerfield Primary School, Leeds

- Bradford Forster Academy, Bradford

- Beckfoot Allerton Primary School, Bradford

- Lane End Primary School, Leeds

- Cookridge Primary School, Leeds

- Kirkstall St Stephens CE Primary School, Leeds

- Westminster CE Primary School, Bradford

- Lane End, Primary School, Leeds

- Mill Cottage, Montessori School, Huddersfield

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