COVID-19 Rehabilitation

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COVID-19 Rehabilitation

Coronavirus is one of the biggest health emergencies the world has seen in recent times. The UK has not been spared in the pandemic and tens of thousands of people in the UK are now suffering with the long term effects of coronavirus. Evidence shows some survivors are now suffering with ongoing health problems such as breathing difficulties, enduring tiredness, reduced muscle function, impaired ability to perform everyday tasks and mental health problems such as post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression.

Here at Elemental Fitness we have taken the initiative to qualify our personal trainers with the new COVID-19 rehabilitation programme.

If you require rehabilitation after having coronavirus we are here to help. Whether it be providing physical training to improve mood and reduce stress or improve lung capacity and boost energy level as a result of impaired lung function and fatigue.

How we can help

Personal Training with Elemental Fitness will assist with your rehabilitation programme from helping to support behaviour change, provide adjusted exercise guidance and prescription, fatigue management and signpost any member in the right direction to alternative avenues providing and well rounded and holistic approach to our work.

To start your COVID-19 rehabilitation programme you can book an induction as with any of our programmes.



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