Food Intake & Nutrition

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Food Intake & Nutrition

Nutrition is an important element to any training programme. Depending on what you want to achieve will impact how you manage your diet.

At Elemental Fitness your personal trainer will offer guidance on food intake. We understand managing your diet correctly can be a daunting task. We can help in areas such as understanding nutrition, calculating your specific energy intake and filter out all the conflicting advice online.

What we offer

As part of your personal training programme we can assist with general food advice such as portion control, recipes and offer guidance on foods which we believe will complement you on your journey.

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Members who would like to take a more detailed look at their food intake can go further by spending a full session calculating your basal metabolic rate and total energy expenditure taking into consideration your physical activity levels. We can calculate your macronutrients with this information and give more tailored advice on what you need to be aiming for to help you achieve your goals. As part of this service we will discuss your food likes and dislikes, eating habits such as times you eat and snacking via a food diary, alongside any allergies you may have. With this information we can offer insight into how you could improve your basal metabolic rate, reduce your calorie intake, meal prep and improve your overall health, providing more support towards achieving your goals.

Further Help

If you require more specific support due to an underlying health condition such as obesity or diabetes, or you feel you require more regular support through focused tuition we can recommend you to a private third party nutritionist or weight management consultant who will be able to help.


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