Newsletter: August 2020


Newsletter: August 2020

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Newsletter: August 2020

We finally made it back into the gym and it has been a great week catching up with all the elemental fitness clients and all the things you guys have been up to… admittedly most have been at home doing similar things. However, now we are up and running again the team at EF get to torment… erm, train you again and get back to a normal routine.

A brief Newsletter for this month as it is all hands on deck to getting the gym fully working with new procedures on place to help prevent further transmission on Covid-19 but as things get back to normal expect to hear more exciting things coming from Elemental Fitness.

We Are Open!

One full week back and we have been non-stop, almost like we have never been away. David has been on top from the beginning of lock down making sure all clients and members can seamlessly integrate themselves back to training. James is getting stuck in with back to back PT sessions in order to get clients back to their pre-lock down selves as soon as possible and Ryan is the glue that is holding them together with not only admin work but cleaning and even learning on the job to be a personal trainer too.

We really appreciate everyone's help during lock down with continue of their payments to help the gym keep afloat in troubling times. And glad to see everyone return to us with an understanding on how things will be different due to the pandemic. We have a great community within Elemental Fitness that acts as an extended family for most if not all.

July Challenge

As in the last newsletter it is not a surprise that no one completed these challenges, once session started again and we asked many why you might not have gotten round to doing them it makes sense. In an uncertain time, we would not expect the continuation of the monthly challenges as many faced their own challenges with furlough, working from home and a straight up change to lifestyle. We say do not sweat it.

That being said, we are open, and clients are back to training so get ready to have your butts kicked into gear with August challenge!

August Challenge

For Augusts challenge we are going to do a simple CV circuit. Start on the cross trainer, head to the treadmill and finish with the stepper. It’ll be intense to catch up on the challenges everybody missed during lock down but hopefully you’ll appreciate that it will do you wonders… it might not feel like it when your sweat gallons and gasping for air but trust us… we’re professionals.

For all the information go to the August challenge page to see the specifics and the leader board.

Interesting Blogs

Even stuck indoors since the end of March we have still had many blogs posted from staff and members of EF and the EKA. Why not visit our blog page to read up on things subjects such as a kickboxers diet or the origin of KATA's

There is a wealth of information to teach and inspire.


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