Level 3 Personal Training End Point Assessment


Level 3 Personal Training End Point Assessment

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Level 3 Personal Training End Point Assessment

Ryan Butler End Point Assessment Level 3 Personal Training

Congratulations, Ryan Butler, on a remarkable achievement! Completing part 3 (interview) of your end point assessment for the level 3 personal training qualification is no small feat, and achieving an overall PASS on your apprenticeship is truly commendable.

Your journey to this accomplishment has been a testament to your unwavering dedication and perseverance. Overcoming the challenges posed by the COVID pandemic interruptions and cost of living crisis alongside completing your apprenticeship showcases your exceptional resilience and commitment to your goals.

As you embark on this new chapter as a qualified personal trainer, you have proven that with hard work, determination, and a strong will, you can conquer any obstacle that comes your way. Your success serves as an inspiration to others, motivating them to pursue their aspirations with the same level of enthusiasm and tenacity.

May this milestone be the beginning of a fulfilling and rewarding career in the fitness industry. Your future clients will undoubtedly benefit from your expertise, passion, and the experience you have gained throughout your journey.

Once again, congratulations on your well-deserved success, and may your future endeavours be filled with even more accomplishments and personal growth. Well done, Ryan!

Check out his feedback below!

Practical Observation - DISTINCTION

'Thank you, Ryan, for completing your practical assessment for your personal training standard EPA.

You had an excellent structure to your consultation, specifically with your questioning and active listening technique. With the use of open questions, you were able to capture the client’s lifestyle, concerns and focus for personal training, this was then elaborated on with further probing questions extremely well. Your goal setting and assessment approach was based on the client’s needs and promoted a level of accountability with a high level of validation from yourself. Throughout the consultation you were clear, concise and compassionate to the needs of the client which was apparent in your structure of questions. It was also useful to take notes while the client was speaking but successfully didn’t interrupt the flow of the conversation. Your ability to paraphrase and summaries to ensure you understood exactly what the client’s needs was excellent. Further assessments were conducted extremely well (Par-q, blood pressure, flexibility, and movement pattern analysis) to establish a starting point. Protocol conducted accurately and a high level of confidence demonstrated to reassure the client as these were conducted. Analysis was based on national benchmarks and openly discussed with the client for reassurance and acknowledgment.

Conducting your 1-1 session in the PT gym and group session on the mats demonstrated a varied range of different environments and approaches for a mixed group of participants needs and ability. Excellent enthusiasm and inspiring coaching style with a professional manner was evident throughout the assessment today. You are confident, dynamic and demonstrate an excellent level of credibility with your use of correct terminology and ability to apply theoretical knowledge. You quickly establish effective relationships with your clients through your friendly but professional demeanour. This was apparent during the 1-1 session where the client was initially quite timid but relaxed with you and became comfortable to give you an honest account on how she was feeling. Technical knowledge on all exercises/activities during the sessions were excellent, you have exceptional attention to detail within your own technique and that of your clients. This was accompanied with varied communication strategies, observational techniques and corrective coaching to ensure effective performance was achieved and maintained.

Clear intent with everything you do within your sessions and exceptional ability to adapt based on the environment, your clients’ needs and performance. For example, a noticeable change in voice tone and pitch during the group session when addressing the group or when providing individual support. Use of the wall timer to control rest periods during the 1-1 which adapted the approach to your communication, this gave the client a visual cue of work and rest ratios. You applied excellent feedback and proactively encouraged self-reflection and peer assessment/support after each set or round to establish overall performance which you were able to adapt accordingly.

Overall congratulations, you have achieved an overall distinction for this assessment. You were professional and personable which ultimately gave your clients confidence in your ability and established mutual respect.'

Presentation - PASS

Thank you, Ryan, for conducting your presentation today which is part of your level 3 personal training standard EPA

You briefly explained your business plan once able to share your website which was professionally developed. It is clear you have considered your business offer and target audience based on disposable income within this age range. When probed further in the Q&A you were able to sufficiently expand on the research you have conducted on your competitors and how you will market your business to stand out. Having a niche of kickboxing is something that will definitely set you apart from those from other gyms. It’s a shame you didn’t allocate more time to this section in your presentation to offer additional understanding behind how your business reflects your core values and a detailed growth plan.

Your 5 client portfolios were presented with confidence, and it was clear you have taken the time to really get to know your clients and their needs. Your programme strategies were varied, and it was great to see you use your expertise in kickboxing to make your sessions exciting and innovative. However, when questioning on why you take a holistic approach and how you promote healthy behaviours amongst your clients your examples were limited.

Technology is clearly something that is used with ease in your role and promotes all the services you have to offer to your clients and gym members.

Overall, congratulations Ryan you have achieved a pass for your presentation assessment as part of your L3 personal training EPA.

Interview - PASS

Thank you, Ryan, for conducting your interview today, which is part of your L3 Personal Training EPA.

You gave a sufficient range of skills and behaviours needed to be a successful personal trainer with an emphasis on communication with your clients and the professionalism you uphold. This was backed up extremely well with your approaches to support your clients in achieving their health and fitness goals. It was interesting to hear of the strategies you used to support a client who clearly had an unhealthy lifestyle and the journey you took him through to improve his overall health and wellbeing.

You have clearly been on a journey and taken part in several CPD opportunities which you explained have been beneficial to your role as a PT. Having a supportive Manager/mentor at work allowed you to have self-belief and confidence to take yourself out of your comfort zone and ultimately improve as a coach/PT.

As we moved onto the more technical aspects of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology knowledge, you gave some strong suggestions of the effects of exercise on a range of body systems. Specifically on the cardiorespiratory and musculoskeletal system but then was a little limited on your examples of the nervous system, endocrine system and complex theories relating to human movement. You were able to put most of these examples into context demonstrating a satisfactory level of knowledge and understanding.

Your explanation of the characteristics of the behaviour change model was correct and you were able to consider a range of possible factors that could influence someone’s ability to progress positively through this behaviour change.

Identifying a range of medical controlled disease and health conditions has highlighted to you those that require additional referral and support from more specialist personnel. Understanding your professional boundaries, but still being able to support members/clients to give them safe access to adapted sessions is vital for their health and wellbeing as you suggested.

You were also able to sufficiently outline the principles of nutrition following recognised and creditable guidelines for example the eat well guide and calorie intake and apply these to support your clients goals. You considered a range of approaches and advice to promote healthy eating and reduce the chance of dropout with an emphasis of understanding your clients lifestyle.

Overall, congratulations on achieving a pass grade.

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