Deadlift: The King of all Exercises!


Deadlift: The King of all Exercises!

By: Chris Loliva Deadlift, personal training, Weight training

Deadlift: The King of all Exercises!

The deadlift is the king (in my eyes, and many other professionals’ eyes) and one of the best exercises around. If you want to build muscle, increase strength, burn fat and increase your athleticism it is one of the best movements that every lifter or athlete must do.

However, it only helps you if you learn it to do it in the right way.

Why you should learn how to deadlift and why is it considered a staple in training? Most (not all) gym goers spend their life focusing on the front of the body, ignoring what is in the rear, because it is not uncommon to only focus on what we can see. Developing our body without balance can lead to a postural issue, weak back, rounded shoulders, etc…

Deadlift reintroduces us to our back side, The hamstring, the glutes and back. Helping us to stand taller and with greater strength.

To prove once again why the Deadlift is considered king, below are not 3, not 5 or even 10 but 12 points on the benefits of the deadlift and why everyone should be doing it.

Burn Calories

When we think of burning calories most will assume cardio is the only way, preferably diet should be looked at first but that is another blog for another time. However, the deadlift is a compound exercise that recruits multiple muscle group at once. This takes a lot of effort which means that the body is working very hard, and the harder you work and more muscles you use then more calories will be burned.

Deadlift is functional

Any functional exercises are those that will benefit you outside the gym. As mentioned, Deadlift recruits a lot a muscles and mimics correct lifting. Using a heavy weight on a barbell or trap bar will help you implement in everyday life. Whether this be picking up a bag of groceries, picking up something from the floor, it is especially helpful for those with little ones. The deadlift will help in scenarios that require you to lift whether it be from a piece of paper to a heavy box of shopping.

Improve posture

As stated above doing the deadlift movements your core strength will improve, this will enhance your posture. Poor posture can cause a bad back, can cause pain and discomfort, can leave you susceptible to injury and can even cause you to lose height. Deadlift helps you engage your core and straightening your spine – simply put – better posture, better life quality.

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"Deadlift will not only help you build abs of steel but also help you perform other compound movements such as squats. Also, six-pack!"

Build a strong core

Having a strong core is essential when it comes from health and fitness. If you core is weak, everything else around it will be weak. That’s why athletes focus on strengthening their core so much. After all, the core is where you generate your power and hold your entire body. Deadlift will not only help you build abs of steel but also help you perform other compound movements such as squats. Also, six-pack!

Great for the glutes

Most think of squats and lunges as great glute builders however the hip thrust movement (more on that soon) needed to perform a deadlift correctly requires immense strength in the bum muscles. The Deadlift is great exercise that can target the glutes more than the squat or lunges, due to the usually heavier loads that can be achieved during the exercise.

Better hip mobility

Hip mobility is crucial to prevent and reduce injury risks to lower back as well as stiffness in the hip flexors. This works in tandem with glute and core strength. Building a better hip thrust on the exercise and the movement can be transferred to many other important compound exercises to promote better form.

Improve grip strength

One of the most useful benefits of performing deadlifts is the fact that doing so will help to greatly enhance your grip strength. Grip strength is very important and one of the elements of resistance training. If your grip is poor, you will be found that your lift is poor, and you will not get as much from your training. With a good grip, all your lifts will improve.

Huge traps

Shoulder shrugs are not the only exercise to improve your traps, they are great, but deadlift is greater. With the deadlift your trapezius muscles are constantly under tension from the moment that the bar is raised a millimetre from the floor until you lock it out and lower it again.

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"The reason the deadlift is considered the king of all the exercise is because it is a great indicator of strength"

Incredible back development

There is plenty of exercise to work your back, many lifters agree that the deadlift and many of its variants (more on this in an up and coming blog, watch this space) is one of the most effective. Along with the previous point on your traps you can greatly develop your lats too, giving that v-taper body physique many look for. The Deadlift will also engage all the other muscle in the back, great for hypertrophy, toning and development.

Great for strength or rep work

Most of the time you will see people work on 1 rep max with deadlift to work on strength, but that does not mean that each time you deadlift you need to lift a ridiculous amount of weight. You can also train the deadlift for reps with lighter weight. Training for reps helps burn calories, it gets your heart rate up, it burns fat and it tones the muscle in the legs and back.

A great indicator of strength

The reason the deadlift is considered the king of all the exercise is because it is a great indicator of strength. If you can deadlift an impressive weight, there is a good chance that you can handle heavyweight in general, as proven in previous points it works most of your body. To get a knowledge of how strong someone is, most of the time we look how much they can deadlift.


Another useful thing about deadlift is the fact that you can adapt it to the individual. With its many variations of stance, grip and use of different equipment the deadlift is something that anyone can do.

The bottom line as you can see, there are plenty of benefits to performing the deadlift and there are plenty of more that I haven’t listed – book as session with me and we can have a full hour on deadlifts and I wouldn’t have even scratched the surface!

If you are looking for an effective exercise that will build raw strength and power and engage more muscle that you never knew you had, Deadlifts are the ultimate exercise to enjoy.