COVID-19 Our Services, The 4 Step Plan & The Future


COVID-19 Our Services, The 4 Step Plan & The Future

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COVID-19 Our Services, The 4 Step Plan & The Future

Early indications show the 4 step plan has been successful for Elemental Fitness.

On reflection we have managed to follow our earlier plan (found here) very well. As expected step 1 resulted in the continued closure of the facilities, step 2 allowed personal training and children's group classes to return at restricted capacity as expected, and step 3 allowed us to continue with personal training and children's group classes whilst letting our adults group classes return at restricted capacity as expected.

On a whole, step 3 has given Elemental Fitness & The Elemental Kickboxing Leeds the opportunity to return and deliver all of its key services. We are still running at restricted capacity and there are social events within the Elemental Kickboxing Leeds classes that are still missing, but we're confident these will return at some point.

Regarding step 4, our most recent understanding is restrictions may gradually be released over the coming week or two, however in terms of how we will function as a business, nothing will be changed until after the next announcement around w/c 12.07.21. As previously announced it has been made clear the dates on the road map will be under regular review, and are dependent on several other factors, such as the success of the vaccine programme/s, the effectiveness against current and future variants and the avoidance of a significant surge in hospitalisations and/or deaths as a result of COVID-19.

The postponing of step 4 has resulted in continued restrictions such as the implementation of social distancing where possible and the continued usage of masks impacting the leisure and hospitality industry, in particular pubs, restaurants, nightclubs and hotels.

Taking this into considering we are organising a provisional plan of increasing our class sizes to 20, incorporating partner work such as pads drills (at all classes when appropriate) and light continuous sparring (Thursdays 6pm class only) from 01.08.21 on the basis step 4 is introduced from w/c 19.07.21.

Whilst under this step, for now, please can all members continue to follow COVID-19 guidelines. Should a member need to self-isolate or not attend classes due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak please follow our existing Covid-19 procedures. Please email a member of our team on [email protected] letting us know. Due to the potential of receiving a high volume of cancellations at this time we require all members to email to help us manage your request.

Further Information

As previously mentioned, we want to thank all our members for their continued support.

We continue to work with My PT Hub to give members the option to train at home by using our online fitness programmes found here. Further details regarding the introduction of our new app can be found here also.

We hope this gives you all the information you need. If you have any questions you can email [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Healthy regards,

The EF Team