7 Benefits of Using Battle Ropes


7 Benefits of Using Battle Ropes

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7 Benefits of Using Battle Ropes

Benefits of Battle Ropes

Although the very words may send a shiver down your spine, this fitness equipment is hard to beat when it comes to delivering a full body workout that blasts fat, builds strength and sculpts muscle.

Battle rope workouts are certainly tough, but the benefits speak for themselves.

In this handy guide, we outline 7 unrivalled benefits battle rope workouts offer.

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#1 Functional Strength

Battle ropes are great at developing functional strength. Functional strength can be seen as having practical uses in the real world, so developing this sort of strength can help in everyday life.

Battle ropes force your muscles to work in unison and this helps develop other skills such as coordination, balance and stability… areas of your fitness that can often slip through the net if you’re just using gym machines all the time.

#2 Tone and Sculpt

Battle ropes are great at toning and sculpting muscle. The weight of the ropes, coupled with high repetition workouts means your shoulders, arms, back, legs and core will really feel the burn!

Battle ropes make it easy to tone up your muscles in slightly different ways, which forces them to work harder.

#3 Variety

Believe it or not, but there’s actually a lot of ways to use a battle rope. Depending on what your goals are, you can incorporate battle ropes into all kinds of exercises.

You may think it’s only reserved for shoulder or arms workouts, but combining battle ropes with squat jumps, for example, is just one way you can create a killer leg workout using the equipment.

Similarly, there are substantial benefits from swapping your usual dumbbells or barbells with other equipment (as illustrated in this guide on how to do resistance band deadlifts) as the muscles need to adjust to the change in how resistance is applied.

The benefits of using a personal trainer is that they can help you incorporate such equipment into your workouts and help ensure it helps you reach your fitness goals.

#4 HIIT Workouts

Battle ropes appreciate your busy schedule and offer effective workouts in a short period of time.

Battle ropes are ideal to include in any sort of HIIT workout and even just a few minutes of going full steam ahead with the ropes is enough so you feel it the next day.

#5 Combine Strength and Cardio

Combing strength and cardio benefits into a single exercise is the holy grail of fitness… and battle ropes are second to none when it comes to this.

The ropes are weighted which means your muscles need to be activated to move them, whilst the duration of such exercises helps to improve your cardiovascular health.

#6 Fun

Doing the same workouts day in day out can start to get a bit monotonous. And this isn’t good when it comes to maintaining motivation.

That’s why trying new movements and exercises is such a good approach when it comes to fitness.

Battle ropes will be different from most equipment you’ve tried before, and this is likely to increase your own engagement in the routine.

#7 Whole Body Training

Battle ropes offer a full body workout, targeting major and minor muscle groups. This helps to avoid muscular imbalances associated with doing the same movements over and over again, without training the counter muscles.

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