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Meet our personal trainer Lawrence

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Meet our personal trainer Lawrence

What made you become a Personal Trainer?

Becoming a Personal Trainer is not something I initially planned. However, as I became more experienced, I naturally adopted the role of a coach and mentor. Feeling well suited to the role, I took steps to turn my passion into my profession!

My main motivation is to become the coach that I wish I’d have had in my own corner growing up. I would love to have a conversation with my younger self, as I massively struggled with weight gain, self-esteem, and my physical fitness. I know first-hand the transformational power of physical exercise and want to help you on your own journey!

I’ve always sought to learn from the best, to keep my skills sharp and my knowledge up to date. Over the years I have been blessed with some excellent teachers in many fields and had regular private tuition from various champions and record holders.

As a coach, I want to pass on all the wisdom I’ve gained to you and properly guide you through your physical fitness regime. Of course, there are no shortcuts in training, however hiring a suitable trainer would certainly give you a head start; I want you to avoid my many mistakes and truly benefit from my experience.

What qualifications/experience do you have?

I am a Level 3 Personal Trainer with additional qualifications/experience instructing Kettlebells and Boxercise classes. Regarding my own fitness training, I have completed various charity running events; 10K, Half Marathon and Full Marathon. Most of my experience comes from studying strength-based training, and Powerlifting, which I’ve trained alongside my sport/Martial Arts practice.

I’ve been training consistently in Martial Arts for over a decade and have achieved Black Belt 1st Dan in American Kickboxing, as well as grades in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Wing Chun Kung Fu. I have years of experience in full contact Kickboxing/Muay Thai, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts. I have competed in various disciplines, with my highest achievement fighting for an amateur full contact K-1 title.

As well as in Kickboxing, I have achieved Instructor Certification in Self Defence, and ‘The Approach’ Self Protection Method. Working for over five years in Security, I can confidently say I know what works, and what doesn’t work, when it comes to real life confrontations! I’ve also undertaken specialised training courses alongside Police, Armed Forces and Close Protection personnel, so you can be confident that my training has been of a high standard.

What is your specialty?

My speciality is my areas of experience! As a P.T, I believe in simplicity. My main philosophy is to master the basics. Fitness fads come and go, but regardless of what’s trending - the tried and tested staples will always remain true, and ultimately take you the furthest.

I don’t want you to waste your time and energy on anything that’s ineffective or inefficient. As a coach I want to give you as much bang for your buck as possible! I encourage clients to focus on performance-based goals that can be easily tackled, and to get to the heart of what they want to achieve.

I want to leave you stronger, fitter, but also wiser. Exercise can be done to someone, but I believe training is a process that you must be involved in. With training, there is no element of chance, certainly nothing random in our routine. We have a clear plan, purpose, and goal for each session. As we progress, I want to show you the methodology behind our training and allow you to take ownership over your training.

How do you assess a new client?

At Elemental Fitness we follow and thorough induction process which you can read more about here. However away from this, I personally assess a new client based on what I see to be their strengths. It’s also important that I get to know a little about you as a person, such as exercise likes/dislikes, so I can plan our sessions accordingly.

Do you create a meal plan?

The best meal plan in the world (if such a thing existed) would be worthless if you were unable to follow it! Everyone has their own unique requirements and preferences.

Diet and nutrition is extremely important, and this is where we often fall short. If you think about how many hours are in a week, most of your time is actually spent away from the gym!

Regardless of your goals, to succeed, we need to take an honest look at all aspects of your lifestyle. Together I can advise that you make incremental and sustainable changes in line with your goals.

I would always encourage you to avoid yo-yo dieting and restricting yourself… I can work with you to address any unhealthy attitudes towards food that become apparent and develop a balanced plan for going forward. Rest assured, I won’t be suggesting that you must do anything crazy to make progress.

For more information on how Elemental Fitness can help you with your diet, please read here.

How do you track a fitness goal?

I believe in the phrase “What gets measured, gets managed.” and so I’ll be sure to track your fitness goal with as many tools as I have available.

Your goal will depend how I measure it! It’s important that we only need to track what is relevant, and always follow the larger, overall trend. Providing we do regular and consistent checks, we can easily track your long-term progress, and identify any problems as they arise.

If we want to get from A to Z, then we must go through B, C, D… and so on! The easiest way to conquer any goal is to consistently chip away at it. By measuring your training, it will be easy for you to see your progression and keep you motivated towards your goal.

What is your preferred style of encouragement?

Some trainers like to beast and thrash their clients. I don’t believe in playing the Drill Sergeant, and I don’t get a kick out of telling people what to do!

I don’t know who said it, but I believe that “Honesty is the best policy.”. If there’s a job well done; a solid set, rep or a great training session - then make no mistake, I will let you know. This works both ways. As a coach, I will always highlight your strengths; look to build you up, as opposed to tearing you down.

The only thing I’ll ask from our sessions are that you try your best!

What is your favourite exercise?

My personal favourite exercise is the conventional barbell Deadlift – lifting weight from a ‘dead stop’. For thousands of years human civilisations have prized the ability to pick up heavy objects off the floor. If you don’t Deadlift, it begs the question “Do you even lift?”.

Shadow boxing is something that I particularly enjoy also.

What I like to do away from the gym?

Away from training, I’m either glued to a screen, or outdoors in nature. I love horror & sci-fi movies, shoot ‘em up videogames, but also hiking and wild camping.

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