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Our Memberships are Changing :)

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Our Memberships are Changing :)

Elemental Fitness Ltd. is changing membership and training prices. Below is a explanation of why and when it's happening - and how it will benefit you as a member :)


It has been over 2 years since our last price increase, current increased costs that have occurred as a result of the pandemic such as our new bookings system and increased rent alongside other rising costs within the industry. These reasons have left us with the difficult decision to implement a small price increase to ensure we can continue delivering a high quality of personal training and martial arts classes throughout 2022 and beyond existing location.

The pandemic hit the hospitality and leisure industry particularly hard and your continued support has not gone unnoticed. We appreciate every member of the club and we hope you can support our decision, we realise these times are challenging for many.


Existing members on direct debit will see the price increase on 01.02.22 (reflected on direct debit/s 28.01.2).

The price increase has already taken affect for new customers as of 01.10.21.

*please note, existing members on direct debit - if you change your membership before 31.01.22, you will automatically move onto our new membership tariff.

The Benefits

As part of the price increase, we will continue to offer

- Members paying in block and direct debit will receive generous discounts

- No charge for the use of debit or credit card payments

- We will continue to offer discounted equipment prices

- Online training via the app and our online bookings system will continue to develop, in time giving you more control over your sessions times

- An increase in prices will keep the club at its best and allow us to continue pushing the company forwards benefiting our members as they work towards their goals.

The Increase

Our one to one sessions will be increasing between 0.70p and 1.00p on average per lesson subject to which membership you are on.

Our joint sessions will be staying the same.

We have outlined our most popular memberships below. Please take the time to understand your new payment amount and contact us if you have any questions.

Pay as you go

Personal Training £30.00 per hour (individual standard rate)

Personal Training £35.00 per hour (joint standard rate)

Block Bookings

Personal Training 10 sessions (individual) £270.00

Personal Training 10 sessions (joint) £315.00

Personal Training 20 sessions (individual) £480.00

Personal Training 20 sessions (joint) £560.00

Direct Debits

Once per week (individual) £123.50pcm

Once per week (joint) £144.08pcm

Twice per week (individual) £234.00pcm

Twice per week (joint) £273.00pcm

Three per week (individual) £331.50pcm

Three per week (joint) £386.75pcm

Four per week (Individual) £416.00pcm

Four per week (joint) £485.33pcm

*please note members who have credit with us due to ongoing payments during the national lockdown/s will receive the agreed rate at the time the direct debit was collected

**for more information on our club memberships, please click here.

***full price list can be found here

What do I need to do?

There is nothing you need to do. The change will be made automatically when the time comes and you will receive an email from our direct debit provider Go Cardless informing you of the change.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Elemental Fitness on 0113 205 7433 or email [email protected]

Warm regards,

Team EF