Newsletter: July 2024


Newsletter: July 2024

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Newsletter: July 2024

Hello Elemental Fitness Community,

As we welcome July, we have some exciting updates to share! We're thrilled to announce that Nikita will be joining us for work experience, bringing fresh energy to our team. Additionally, we're offering a compensated volunteer role—reach out if you're interested!

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Personal Training

Facilities: As the weather starts to warm up, it's important to remember to train smart. Our facilities can get quite toasty during this time of year, so be sure to take breaks as needed and hydrate often. We have a few blogs about training in warmer weather, so please check them out when you can to prepare for those extra sweaty sessions!

Compensated Volunteer: Compensated Volunteer Needed!

Are you passionate about martial arts and keen on contributing to a clean and safe training environment?

Elemental Kickboxing Academy in Leeds is looking for a dedicated and detail-oriented volunteer to assist with our studio cleaning once a week. This compensated volunteer role offers you the chance to train with us free of charge, providing a valuable exchange of services that benefits both you and our academy. If you’re reliable and ready to help us maintain our high standards, we’d love to hear from you.

Cooperate/Business & Schools: As of now, we are winding down on our school contracts with the summer holidays on the way, but we're excited to share some behind-the-scenes news!

We're planning to assist schools with extra training for their staff. If you work at a school or know someone who would be interested in enhancing their knowledge in martial arts or specific training areas, from basic resistance, cardio, or circuit training to core work for lower back pain and even nutrition basics for weight management, email us at [email protected] to learn more.

Treadmill: A quick note on the treadmills. The Sole TT8 is currently out of action and is awaiting repair. We are sorry to the inconvenience this has caused for those wishing to go for a run. We would suggest a nice park run with the current weather we are having for now.

If your stuck for ideas when it comes to training though then check out our fully loaded training app with over 300 workouts to use and improve on and much more functionality such as smart watch integration and diet tracking, all for £8.99 per month.

Elemental Fitness Team

We're pleased to welcome Nikita to our team for a one-week work placement!

Nikita will be joining us to gain valuable experience and insights into the world of Elemental Fitness. Throughout the week, he'll be diving into various aspects of our operations, from personal training sessions to office administration tasks and even assisting in our group kickboxing classes!

We're eager to see Nikita's contributions and insights as he embarks on this journey with us.


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