Newsletter: December 2023


Newsletter: December 2023

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Newsletter: December 2023

Greetings, everyone!

Last year we gave a little kickboxing rendition of ‘Mistletoe and Wine’. Let’s make it tradition. This year here is the start of Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Xmas is You’. Enjoy! If we get enough of you opening the email this year perhaps there is room for the team to do a charity version, Band Aid style.

I don't want a lot for Christmas,

Just some gloves and a place to train.

I just want to hit the bag,

And feel the power in every chain.

I don't care about the presents,

Underneath the Christmas tree

As long as I can throw a roundhouse kick,

And feel strong and wild and free.

All I want for Christmas is a knockout,

You, my coach, and a sparring bout.

Make my wish come true,

All I want for Christmas is you!

I won't ask for much this Christmas,

Maybe just a high kick that soars.

I just want to hear the echoes,

Of the cheers from the gym floor.

I won't make a list and send it

To the North Pole for Saint Nick,

I'll just shadow box and pivot,

With every punch, I'll be quick.

All I want for Christmas is a head kick,

A jab, a hook, and some footwork slick.

Make my wish come true,

All I want for Christmas is you!

You, baby, oh!

I won't ask for much this Christmas,

I won't even wish for snow.

I just want to keep on training,

In the gym where fighters grow.

I just want to hit the mat,

Maybe spar with a Santa hat.

What more can I do?

Oh, baby, all I want for Christmas is you!

All I want for Christmas is a clinch,

A combination that makes opponents flinch.

Make my wish come true,

All I want for Christmas is you!

You, baby, oh!

All the lights are shining so brightly everywhere,

And the sound of gloves smacking fills the air.

And everyone is cheering, I can hear them everywhere,

So, coach, won't you bring me the one I really need?

Won't you please bring my fighter to me?

Christmas 2023 Closures – The Elemental Kickboxing Academy and Elemental Fitness will be closed for Christmas on Saturday 24th. We will Reopen on Tuesday 2nd

Personal Training

Facilities: a few small fixer uppers happened in the gym last month: First was relocating 150 mats after a surprise challenge popped up during the wall-building project. What seemed like a straightforward task turned into a true test of resilience.

Elliot, with his strength and can-do attitude, stepped up to the plate. The unexpected overhang meant each mat had to be shifted forward by two to three inches – no small feat! After a relentless 4-hour marathon, Elliot emerged victorious, turning a potential setback into a triumph.

Let's give it up for Elliot!

Second, many of you may have witnessed, was David spending the day in his painter/decorator attire. Hanging mirrors, posters, painting, gym maintenance and a whole slew of other handyman jobs. So, if anyone needs a hand fitting a shelf or dealing with the pesky Ikea furniture you promised to get around to – give David a call!

Corporate/Business & Schools: Had a blast training with the Northern Diamonds ladies cricket team today! They brought serious energy to our 1-hour alternative training circuit, featuring a dynamic warm-up, full-body stretch, and a 40-minute powerhouse of lower, mid, and upper body exercises. From freestyle karate to kickboxing moves, we punched and kicked our way through punch bags and held killer stances.

Curious about getting your sports team pumped up with us? Or maybe your workplace needs a fitness boost? Reach out today via email [[email protected]], give us a call [0113 205 7433], or visit our school programmes page. Let's elevate your training game!

Elemental Fitness Team: A Special Shout-Out to Ed: Our Exceptional Subcontractor Who Never Fails to Rise to the Occasion!

Ed, a vital member of our team, delivers exhilarating kickboxing classes and personal training sessions with Elemental Fitness whenever we need him. His unwavering dedication to physical training is not only visible in his own impressive fitness journey but also in his remarkable ability to inspire others to reach their potential.

You might spot Ed walking on the treadmill, seemingly talking to himself. Fun fact: he's rehearsing lines for upcoming roles in his acting career! Beyond adding those extra steps to his daily count, Ed can often be found lifting weights or participating in our kickboxing classes to keep his cardio and kickboxing skills sharp.

We're excited to support Ed in his personal and professional endeavours, and we can't thank him enough for his continued contributions to Elemental Fitness. Here's to your ongoing success, Ed!

Elemental Fitness Online

We're excited to open the doors for everyone to experience the transformative power of our fitness software, redefining your journey to health and wellness!

Our cutting-edge platform grants you unlimited access to an extensive library of training resources, all at your fingertips. Whether you're seeking quick and user-friendly workouts, crafting personalized routines, or in need of inspiration to elevate your fitness game, our app has it all.

The best part? All these extraordinary features are now available for just £8.99 per month! We're on a mission to make fitness accessible to all, without breaking the bank.

Don't wait any longer – kickstart your fitness journey today for only £8.99 per month. Visit our marketplace to purchase now or head over to our training page for more information.

Empower yourself with Elemental Fitness and unlock your full potential. Join us today!


This month, we're excited to highlight the journey of Emma Agar, a dedicated member of our kickboxing club who has now become one of our committed personal training clients!

Emma's personal training voyage began when she accumulated credits during the challenging COVID lockdowns, providing crucial support to Elemental Fitness during those trying times. Upon our reopening, Emma enthusiastically embraced personal training and was so thrilled with the remarkable results that she decided to continue her fitness journey, even after utilising her credits.

Emma's resilience was further tested by subsequent lockdowns and occasional injuries. However, these challenges provided her with the ideal opportunity to return to training, stronger, more flexible, and eager to work out 3-4 times a week!

The positive impacts of her increased training regimen have been truly remarkable. Emma's achievements include:

✨ Improved aerobic capacity, allowing her to train longer with reduced rest periods.

✨ Enhanced peak flow and physical fitness test results.

✨ Impressive strength gains, with significant increases in various strength exercises ranging from 30 - 75%

✨ Consistent progress in 1-rep max tests.

✨ Noticeable muscle mass growth during our regular 6-week reviews.

Her routines are diverse, spanning from full-body workouts to focused lower body and upper body strength-building sessions, not to mention dynamic boxing-based programs.

Emma's journey is a testament to dedication and perseverance. If you're ready to embark on your fitness transformation, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to support you every step of the way!


Have you found it yet? It lurks in the gym, waiting to be found. Slowly driving Ryan insane. Come speak to one of the team to find out more.

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