New Offer to Help Get You Training More


New Offer to Help Get You Training More

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New Offer to Help Get You Training More

We are Offering a Free Online Training Program to Help with Improving Training Frequency

It's Simple, Training More Gives You a Higher Chance of Achieving More

There are many key points to achieving your goals when it comes to fitness, such as maintaining a solid diet, using good form and technique in training, and allowing for recovery between workouts to improve on your body - all valid and play an important role to keeping fit.

One other is frequency of training. Recently many have found their frequency of training drop due to lockdown and isolation. Since reopening, Elemental Fitness has had a surge of clients return and plenty of newcomers join us. All have got back to making the right choices regarding lifestyle and exercise.

However, one issue remains - returning to the high frequency of training. Don't get us wrong, clients are exercising regularly and with the last year being how it was we are happy to see this. But regular doesn't mean a lot, you could train every month and that is regular but wouldn't get you far.

The World is Different Now, Recent Events Have Changed Lives

Returning from lockdowns and tiers systems, those unfortunate to be on furlough pay (or have had it harder than that) means we might have to think a little before splashing out on 3-5 times a week with a PT to work on increasing that frequency.

Having time to do training is also a common reason to preventing that increase in frequency. Many clients we have trained have become busier since the start of the year, whether this is due to workloads increasing with the pandemic influencing everything around us or awkward times to get training due to working from home or a combination of both.

Online Training: Training Made Easy

With the introduction of Elemental Fitness Online, using our online programs tackles these barriers to training. Fitting in the time to train is based on your schedule rather than fitting around someone else’s. Online training programs means your not paying for the trainer’s time, just their knowledge, meaning it is a more accessible point for those that want the advantages of having a PT but perhaps don’t necessarily have the finances currently.

What about the motivation to do this, if left to your own devices are you more likely to just give in? Well, we are still operating our face-to-face PT service, as we know, this is one of the best ways to train. In person sessions allows for quality control, proper coaching, being pushed and helped with every detail, yet, still understand, offering different approaches allows for training to be accessible to everyone.

How Can We Help?

Therefore, we are currently offering a 5-month Dumbbell program for FREE, when you block book 10 PT sessions – which is also discounted at 10%!

This means you can train up to 6 times a week (that is the frequency checked) whilst having that in person contact with a professional (that is the motivation checked). Work alongside our trainers with the program to establish a constant workflow and get the results you may have been missing in the past.

To enjoy the offer just email head to our contact page and put 'FREE ONLINE TRAINING' into the subject line – we’ll do the rest.

Terms and Conditions

The offer will run until 31.07.21. Payment of the block of ten sessions is £261.00 (incl. 10% discount). The 5-month dumbbell program will be gifted through the Elemental Fitness app once payment is received up to 48 hours after. The 10 sessions must be taken every week consecutively. Any sessions from the online program that are missed will not be refunded.