Jon's Personal Training Progress 6 Weeks


Jon's Personal Training Progress 6 Weeks

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Jon's Personal Training Progress 6 Weeks

Here at Elemental Fitness we’re super proud of Jon’s achievements over the passed 6 weeks!

Jon started personal training with Elemental Fitness Leeds to improve his motivation, aerobic capacity and strength in his legs and shoulders. He has been relatively inactive recently and needed something to keep him focused.

Jon started his personal training journey with us by attending an induction in October. We revisited this process today and we’re incredibly pleased with his achievements.

On review of his measurements Jon has lost 1.3kg in body weight and 2.4% body fat as well as gained 1.3kg of muscle!

In only 6 weeks Jon expressed he was feeling slimmer around the waist, he had more energy, and he felt more motivated to exercise regular. He is thoroughly enjoying the variety in his programme between kickboxing, cardio and weights and plans to continue with this approach for the foreseeable future adding variations to his training to keep his body alert. He added personal training is a primary motivator for keeping focused.

We think Jon is a great example of what can be achieved when you put your mind to training. He is enjoying the benefits of exercise and hitting his targets due to increased motivation as a result of attending all his personal training sessions.

Well done Jon!

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