​Join us for a 1-Day Emergency First Aid at Work Training


​Join us for a 1-Day Emergency First Aid at Work Training

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​Join us for a 1-Day Emergency First Aid at Work Training

​Join us for a 1-Day Emergency First Aid at Work Training

Join us for a 1-Day Emergency First Aid at Work Training

Date: Thursday, 9th May

Venue: Elemental Fitness, Bramley, Leeds

Course Overview:

Perfect for individuals in low-risk environments, the comprehensive 1-day Emergency First Aid at Work course equips you with essential skills to effectively handle various incidents.


9am – 4pm (Flexible on-site timings available)

What You'll Learn:

Role of a first aider

Use of equipment

Importance of incident recording

Basic hygiene and infection prevention

Assessing and managing incidents

CPR, treating unconscious casualties

Dealing with shock, wounds, burns, choking, seizures, and more.


Upon successful completion, receive an Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate valid for three years. Continuous assessment ensures confidence in your abilities.

Renewal & Refresh:

Stay updated with annual skills updates recommended by HSE. We offer on-site Annual Skills Update courses for up to 12 first aiders.


Physical ability for hands-on training is crucial. Full course attendance required for certification.


£99.00+VAT per person

📞 Register Now:

Secure your spot for essential first aid training. Contact:

E: [email protected]

T: 01698 354 647 (Direct: 01698 354 647)

M: 07436 406127

​Completing an Emergency First Aid at Work course offers numerous benefits, including:

Life-Saving Skills: Gain essential knowledge and hands-on experience to respond effectively to medical emergencies in the workplace, potentially saving lives.

Immediate Assistance: Learn to recognize and manage various medical conditions and incidents promptly, reducing the severity of injuries and illnesses before professional medical help arrives.

Increased Confidence: Acquire the confidence to handle emergency situations calmly and efficiently, empowering you to take charge when needed.

Legal Compliance: Meet legal requirements and fulfill obligations outlined by Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulations, ensuring workplace safety and compliance with first aid standards.

Enhanced Workplace Safety: Contribute to a safer work environment by being equipped to handle emergencies and provide timely assistance to colleagues and visitors.

Reduced Risks and Liabilities: Minimize risks and liabilities associated with workplace accidents and injuries by having trained personnel capable of administering immediate first aid.

Improved Employee Morale: Boost morale and foster a positive work culture by demonstrating a commitment to employee welfare and safety through first aid training initiatives.

Quick Response Time: Improve response times during emergencies, leading to better outcomes and potentially reducing recovery periods for affected individuals.

Personal Development: Enhance your personal skill set and professional development by acquiring valuable first aid knowledge and practical experience.

Transferable Skills: Develop skills that extend beyond the workplace, enabling you to respond effectively to emergencies in various settings, including home, community, and public spaces.

Overall, completing an Emergency First Aid at Work course not only equips individuals with life-saving skills but also contributes to a safer and more prepared workplace environment.