Create new habits with new personal trainer Stu


Create new habits with Stu

By: Stuart Wright personaltrainingleeds, personaltrainerleeds, getfit

Create new habits with Stu

What made you become a Personal Trainer?

In my early 30s I was overweight, out of shape, smoked, drank too much and had an appalling diet. When my first son was born I had the stark realisation that somebody else now depended on my health and well being and decided this self-destructive lifestyle had to change! I gave up the cigs, cut back the booze, slowly cleaned up my diet, took up Martial Arts and never looked back (It wasn’t quite as easy as that made it sound though!) 7 years later and now in my 40s, I’m fitter and healthier than I was in my 20s and 20kg lighter than in my 30s.

Before I began my fitness journey I believed I was past the point of no return. Too old, too out of shape, not enough time or energy. I was wrong, and now I have the opportunity to help others in a similar situation and mindset, to achieve their fitness goals while avoiding the pitfalls I made along the way.

What qualifications/experience do you have?

I am a first dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, level 2 fitness instructor, and working towards a level 3, (then level 4) personal trainer qualification and run classes as a Kickboxing Instructor at Elemental Kickboxing Academy. I also have first hand experience of losing (and keeping off!) 20kg of weight and getting back into shape after years of what I can only refer to as ‘self neglect’. I understand the obstacles that can hinder our progress and methods of how to overcome them.

What is your specialty?

I specialise in getting clients into shape and achieving their goals through Martial Arts based training. Over the years I have become a huge believer in the ripple effect Martial Arts training has on a person’s well being, not only physically, but mentally. The self confidence, self esteem, improved physical aesthetic and ability that Martial Arts training develops in people, spills over into all aspects of life, improving work life, relationships and belief in yourself.

How do you assess a new client?

I would assess a new client through a thorough induction. Gathering information on a range of lifestyle factors that could affect their training, such as exercise likes and dislikes, diet, stress and sleep patterns. A number of fitness tests would be performed to help me understand our starting point in relation to their goals.

Do you create a meal plan?

I don’t create meal plans, however will assess a clients eating habits and offer nutrition advice that will compliment their training and help reach those goals faster. The smallest changes can make a huge difference over time!

To find out more about Elemental Fitness and how we can help with food intake, see here.

How do you track a fitness goal?

I will discuss a client’s goals in detail, and make sure we agree on specific measurable goals over a set period of time. We will set long term and short term goals together so we constantly have something to aim for and see little wins along the way to keep motivation high. The tracking of these goals is very much dependent on the goal itself, it could be keeping track of body fat reduction over time or tracking strength improvements by performing regular muscular strength tests.

What is your preferred style of encouragement?

I believe positivity is the best style of encouragement. Let the client know what they are doing well, not just what they need to improve. Small wins are another great way to keep clients motivated and encouraged. Proof of continual improvement towards a bigger goal!

What is your favourite exercise?

I’m currently going through a pull up phase! There’s something extremely rewarding about lifting your own bodyweight above a bar!

What I like to do away from the gym

Away from the gym I enjoy spending time with my family and two kids, practicing my martial arts and mountain biking. I also compose music for film and tv part time.