Bodyweight Workouts to do in the home: Day 1


Bodyweight Workouts to do in the home: Day 1

By: James Hutchinson homeworkout, day 1, bodyweight

Bodyweight Workouts to do in the home: Day 1

Alongside your regular training at the gym you could do a workout at home, or as an alternative to the gym. You don’t always need equipment, resistance machines and a gym environment. However, this depends on what you are aiming to achieve. For more advanced exercises and routines, or if you are wanting to pack on muscle mass it is advisable to go to a gym and consult a personal trainer for advice. Our personal trainers here at Elemental Fitness are always on hand to give you advice.

To maintain fitness levels and get a full body workout all you need is a space whether this is indoors at home or outdoors in the garden or park, just ensure you have a space clear of obstructions. Once you have your own space there are many exercises to choose from. I will provide you with some advice as to the range of bodyweight exercises you can do that do not require any equipment.

Bodyweight exercises are highly recommended. You can work your whole-body top to toe through a range of different movements. There are functional movements such as push ups, squats and lunges that are useful for everyday activities then there are more dynamic exercises such as burpees, star jumps and jump squats to help increase strength, power and speed.

Bodyweight exercises are beneficial to everyone, whether you are a complete beginner to exercise or a regular gym goer.

I will be writing a series of blogs, ‘Bodyweight Workouts to do in the home’, giving you advice on the various bodyweight exercises you can do that are useful for working different muscle groups on different days giving you an all-body workout at home over the course of six days, starting with day one. Watch this space, there are more to come!

Try the following exercises on day one. Perform as many repetitions as possible for each exercise for 30 seconds, a minimum of 10 repetitions per exercise, however we are looking to aim for much more than that! After each exercise rest for 30 seconds and then move on to the next one. Once you have completed all of these, start with the first move again.

Test yourself by keeping a track of your personal best. See how many reps you can do in the 30 second time frame and then try and do even more the next time. This encourages healthy competition and motivation where you are pushing yourself even harder each time. Complete three circuits in total (that’s all the exercises below three times). To make it even more challenging aim to complete four circuits in total.

Day 1 – Shoulders, Chest and Triceps

1.Plank to Downward Dog (30 seconds)

A good move to get the shoulders warmed up and for shoulder flexibility. Start in a plank position and hold for several seconds keeping the body in neutral position with hands under shoulders. Slowly raise your glutes upwards maintaining a neutral spine and keeping legs straight, hold this position for several seconds before returning to plank position and repeat. Rest for 30 seconds.

2.Side Plank (30 seconds each side)

This exercise works the shoulders and the core. Start in a side plank position, legs and hips in line. Keep as straight as possible. Lean on your right forearm to start with and put your left hand on your hip. Drive upwards with your hip and exhale. Come back down to the starting position and repeat. When you have done the maximum amount that challenges you repeat on the other side. To make this move more challenging plant your hand under your shoulder keeping the elbow straight. This is working more of the shoulder. To modify drop to your knees if you need to. Rest for 30 seconds.

3.Standard Push-ups (30 seconds)

Beneficial for building upper body strength, working the triceps, pectoral muscles and shoulders. With hands shoulder width-apart and toes touching the ground, lower the chest to the ground as low as possible, with elbows bent and maintaining a neutral spine, squeeze the glutes and core. As you push back up exhale out as you do so. If needed you can finish the movement off by performing the push-ups on your knees. This is an ideal adaptation for beginners as it puts less strain on the target muscles. Rest for 30 seconds.

4.Narrow grip Push-ups Military style (30 seconds)

To make it more challenging bring the hands closer together with elbows close to your body, this is engaging more of the triceps. Go as low as possible to get a full range of motion. You can adapt the exercise to make it a little easier by placing hands a little further apart and, as mentioned above, going on your knees to perform the movement. Rest for 30 seconds.

5.Incline Push-ups (30 seconds)

Use a step or bench to raise your upper body higher than your lower body. This recruits the lower chest muscles, back and anterior deltoids (front shoulders). Make sure your body is in line, your hips, shoulders and feet are all in line and squeeze your abs while performing this movement. As you lower into the movement make sure the edge of the step or bench is in line with your chest. Exhale and push yourself back to the starting position. Rest for 30 seconds.

6.Tricep-dips (30 seconds)

Use a chair for this exercise. Begin seated with your feet together, grip the edge of the seat then push yourself forward off the chair so your arms are slightly behind you. With legs extended out in front, bend your elbows to lower your body until your hips move below the edge of the seat, then push yourself back up to starting position. Keep your body as close as possible to the chair. Repeat this movement. If you are a beginner bend your knees and bring your feet closer to you, therefore doing a shorter range of motion when performing the movement. Rest for 30 seconds.

… and repeat (3-4 circuits)

Here we have focused on a range of exercises to work your upper body. If you have followed the advice and attempted them all well done! Keep checking out our website for further blogs titled ‘Bodyweight Workouts to do in the home’ giving you more advice. The best thing about them is that because you don’t need any equipment you can do these wherever and whenever whether this is at home, work (on your break of course!) or outdoors.

If you need further advice or are thinking of taking your fitness to the next level our personal trainers at Elemental Fitness have different specialisms and are on hand to give you guidance and create an effective programme to meet your needs. For further information on what we can offer you at Elemental Fitness click on this link: