Benefits of working with a Personal Trainer


Benefits of working with a Personal Trainer

By: James Hutchinson PT, fitness, healthy

Benefits of working with a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer can provide many benefits. As well as providing education and helping you to reach your fitness goal efficiently, a personal trainer can help you to improve your fitness levels, psychological well-being, social interaction and reduce stress.

The feedback I have received after speaking to many gym goers of all ages, particularly beginners, is that going to a gym can be stressful. Some people feel isolated, they have not been given the correct advice or don’t know how to correctly use equipment/machines, and find the environment and people intimidating. This leads to them losing interest over time and eventually quitting. A personal trainer will give you the guidance and support you need and will support you on your fitness journey in the long term.

We have a range of personal trainers at Elemental Fitness who are well equipped and qualified. They have a diverse range of skills to accommodate anyone no matter of age or ability. There are many areas where you will benefit from a personal trainer at Elemental Fitness.

They include:

FAT LOSS – targeting those stubborn areas, shifting through different exercises.

EXTRA MOTIVATION – you’ve got this! We thrive on motivating (Mr. Motivator are us).

INCREASED MUSCLE MASS – we measure every 6 weeks to measure progress.

INCREASED STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING – through a range of body weight exercises, resistance training, plyometrics and martial arts. This helps in all areas of your life.

IMPROVED CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH – it is important to maintain fitness to have a healthy heart and lungs.

REDUCED STRESS – exercise can do this. It has many psychological benefits.

REDUCED CHANCE OF INJURY – you will improve technique and posture.

INCREASED BALANCE AND FLEXIBILITY – vital for improving fitness levels and ability when exercising or performing in any sporting activity.

IMPROVED PSYCHOLOGICAL WELLBEING – exercise is both mentally and physically stimulating.

LONG TERM FITNESS – consistency is key to maintaining this.

REACHING YOUR FITNESS GOAL QUICKER – with assistance from a personal trainer you will get there sooner than you think.

On top of these benefits a personal trainer can offer, at Elemental Fitness we specialise in kickboxing. Some of our personal trainers are experts in the field and can not only help you improve your fitness but also help you to learn a martial art at the same time. There are also a range of classes that cater for all abilities and ages of which you can choose from if you want to further your knowledge and progression in kickboxing.

Personal training is focused and tailored to the individual. If a client is overweight for example and wants to reduce body fat the trainer will discuss in detail the approaches they will make to achieve results successfully. It is very important to have that dialogue first and foremost with the client. After all it is a two-way street and the personal trainer has a ‘door is always open’ policy if the client has any concerns, further questions, suggestions etc. There may be barriers to the client’s fitness programme, or they may be unhappy with how the training is going for instance.

Communication is vital to achieving results. If the client is unhappy with their training the personal trainer is well equipped to adapt or regress the exercises if required to suit the need of the individual. We want to see progress not injuries and don’t want to make the client feel uncomfortable and dismayed.

In order to make progressions with an overweight client I would start with simple body weight exercises like squats, lunges, sit ups and deadlift. It is important to monitor technique and make corrections where necessary. We can then adapt these exercises when form has improved and is maintained.

On top of the client’s fitness regime I would also advise following a healthy nutrition plan in order to lose body fat. Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand when aiming towards a fitness goal, particularly weight loss. Consistency is the key to success. I would encourage the client to follow my programme consistently over an agreed amount of time. I would follow this up with regular fitness tests and measurements. This will not only give the client motivation when they are seeing results but also encourage them to maintain their fitness levels.

To conclude a personal trainer can offer huge benefits to people of all ages and abilities. They are there to offer you advice, help you to reach your goals and maximise your full potential. Beginners to a gym environment will find a personal trainer hugely beneficial. A client’s confidence, knowledge and motivation will only increase over time. Sometimes people need that extra support and advice to get to where they want to be.

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