10 best exercises for chest


10 best exercises for chest

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10 best exercises for chest

Here we have the 10 best exercises for building and strengthening the chest, in this this list we will go through functional and aesthetic purposed exercises.

Press up

Obviously in my top list there are the old and classic press up, I do believe everyone should do press up or push up. The press up is king of the body weight exercise for chest, for this reason it will always be in my workout routine. In order to perform a press up, you need to lie down belly flat on the floor, from there, position your hands just outside shoulders width. From the bottom position press yourself up with your arms.

Floor press

The floor press it can be performed with barbell or dumbbell, it’ similar like the conventional flat bench press but instead on lay on a bench you are lie down on the floor. Whit the floor press you take away the leg drive and due to the position on the floor is much safer for the shoulder’s joints.

Incline dumbbell press

The Incline press Is performed using dumbbell and an inclined bench., the angle of inclination of the bench can be from 30 degree to 60 degrees. Lie down on an incline bench with a dumbbell in each hand on top of your thighs. The palms of your hands will face each other than using your thighs to help push the dumbbell up. Once the dumbbells are up, press the dumbbells up and slowly come back down controlling the movement.


The dips are a compound body weight exercise. In order to do a dip first you have to raise yourself on top of two dip bar with straight arms. From the top position, lower your body until your shoulders are below your elbows. Push yourself up until your arms are straight again.

Cable flyes

The cable flyes are an exercise performed with cables or elastic bands, is a great movement for working your chest while sparing your joint. To perform this cable flyes, set the pulleys on a dual cable machine chest height, stand in between the two stack and grab the handles. Raise your arm out to your side and walk one or two steps forward in order to create tension between the cables and place one foot in front of the others. Pull your hands towards each other in wide arcs in front of you. Let your hands touch and slowly return to the starting position.

Flat barbell press

The flat barbell press is probably the most common from all the chest exercise, it can be performed with a barbell or even dumbbell. To perform this movement, lie down on a flat bench and set your hands just outside shoulders width. Grab the barbell and press up in line, once the barbell is up lower the weight down controlling the movement.

Landmine chest press

For this exercise you’ll need a barbell and a landmine attachment, or you can even stick the bar in a corner. Is a great exercise to focus on the upper chest. To perform the landmine chest press, hold the barbell with both hands and position the bar just below your neck. This exercise can be performed standing or kneeling, once you in position, press with both hands the barbell up and then lower it controlling the negative part.

Reverse grip bench press

The reverse grip bench press is exactly as a conventional bench press with the difference that the hands are in supinated position. In order to perform the movement, lie down on the bench and grab the bar with a reverse or supinated grip just outside shoulders width. The benefit of performing the press in this way is that you will have more activation of the upper pecs by 30% more in compere to an overhand grip.

Plate press out

The plate presses out is an exercise simple but effective, is performed with a relatively small weight. To perform this movement, you can lie down on an incline bench or even standing up. From there grab the plate and position between your palm, then press out squeezing as much as possible.

Chest press

Last but not list the chest press, there are different type of these machine, to perform an optimal movement remember that the height of the handle should be just below the armpits and do lock the elbow in the end of the press.