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J Clifford
K Hill
M Lee
4th B Turpin 168 13 28th
4th K Berry 168 13 3rd
5th E Gascoigne 156 12 20th
6th J Williams 144 11 6th
6th G Kennally 144 11 17th
7th N Lammonby 133 10 14th
8th J Massey 132 9 9th
9th J Mcnamara 120 8 7th
10th J Macdonald 117 7 9th
11th T Clark 116 6 1st
12th M Aveyard 114 5 19th
13th S Clark 112 4 4th
14th G Morrison 96 3 5th
15th M Swires 92 2 15th
CloseLeaderboard Rules
  • October Challenge: Sideways Press-Up Walk
  • Challenge Rules
  • Warm-up will consist of 5 rounds skipping each 1-minute followed by 10 press-ups each round.
  • The challenge will use a set of agility ladders and your body weight.
  • You will be required to hold a press-up position and walk along the ladders. When you reach the end come back and repeat until sore!
  • When moving, the leading arm can only move when both hands are in the space on the ladder. There should never be a space between you hands.
  • The challenge ends when you drop to your knees, stomach or face. Only palms and toes on the floor.
  • There is no time limit. Furthest distance travelled wins.

Every month members and clients of the EKA and Elemental Fitness will put themselves forward for a challenge that will push their body to its limits. These challenges will test speed, strength, endurance and potentially two or all three at once. After the year of challenges are complete (all 12) whoever comes top earns a prize.

  • Leaderboard Rules
  • Challenges can only be done in a Personal Training session (1-2-1)
  • You will be notified of the challenge 2 weeks before the start of the challenge month
  • There will be one challenge per month
  • You can attempt the challenege as many times as you like in the month as part of your personal training session
  • Points awarded for all those appearing on the leaderboard by the end of the month - 1st place gets 16 points all the way down to 16th getting 1 point
  • Prizes are yet to be announced
  • The winner will be declared on 28th of the challenge month
  • All challenges must be done with correct form. This is decided by your trainer.
  • The leaderboard challenges are crated for friendly competition and not compulsory. Please no arguments and certainly no cheating!