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Nick Parmar
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Roonie Weerasinghe
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Steve Butler
4th Stuart Wright 881pts 13 1st
5th Deepak Patel 843pts 12 18th
6th Matt Barrett 776pts 11 11th
7th Fiona kirkwood 741pts 10 19th
8th John Macdonald 729pts 9 2nd
9th Paul Glossop 719pts 8 5th
10th Craig Swithenbank 636pts 7 21st
CloseLeaderboard Rules
  • October Challenge: Ele(mental) Circuit 3.0
  • Challenge Rules
  • The Warm-up is part of the challenge. You start with 150 points and must do shuttle runs from previous challenges
  • This includes 5 shuttles of jogging, 4 of heel flicks, 3 of side-stepping, two of knee-high jogging and 1 walking lunge
  • Every 10 seconds you take to do the warm-up 5 points will be deducted from the starting 150
  • After the warm-up you will do a core routine to earn some points back. Each exercise last for 1 minute and you must complete as many reps as possible with perfect form, these include: Press-ups, Sit-ups, Leg-raises, Oblique-twists, Floor Toe Reaches, Floor Heel Reaches
  • When completed repeat this for a second time
  • Next is the Cross-trainer and Squats, you will have 5 minutes at resistance 8 to do as many strides as possible then have 1 minute to do as many bodyweight squats as possible
  • Every 10 strides equal 1 point and every squat equal 1 point
  • You will then do the same at resistance 12 and 16 (each 5 minutes) with a minute of bodyweight squats in between
  • To finish you will do a quick HIIT. You will have a 30 second work time and a 30 second rest repeated for 4 rounds. In the work time you will do as many burpees as you can and in the rest, you will hold the press up position/the horse stance alternating each rest. Every burpee is a point
  • That is all. Rest time between exercises will not exceed 1-minute – Remember, if you use the full 1-minute of rest between every exercise you run the risk of not being able to complete all the exercises in a standard 1 hour session!

Every month members and clients of the EKA and Elemental Fitness will put themselves forward for a challenge that will push their body to its limits. These challenges will test speed, strength, endurance and potentially two or all three at once. After the year of challenges are complete (all 12) whoever comes top earns a prize.

  • Leaderboard Rules
  • Challenges can only be done in a Personal Training session (1-2-1)
  • You will be notified of the challenge 2 weeks before the start of the challenge month
  • There will be one challenge per month
  • You can attempt the challenege as many times as you like in the month as part of your personal training session
  • Points awarded for all those appearing on the leaderboard by the end of the month - 1st place gets 16 points all the way down to 16th getting 1 point
  • Prizes are yet to be announced
  • The winner will be declared on 28th of the challenge month
  • All challenges must be done with correct form. This is decided by your trainer.
  • The leaderboard challenges are crated for friendly competition and not compulsory. Please no arguments and certainly no cheating!