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At Elemental Fitness we run private and group circuit classes suitable for all fitness levels.

The intense circuit based training provides fun, challenging and varied work-outs to suit you. Our qualified personal trainers and fitness instructors will support you every step of the way providing you with all the attention you need.

Circuit classes are offered as a one to one personal training session providing tailored circuits to the individual as part of a personal training programme or as a group class providing more social interaction, motivation and encouragement.

Circuit classes provide a full body work out giving the user all over body conditioning. They contribute to losing weight through intense routines usually timed at each station with short resting periods. The movements range from cardio based, body weighted or resistance based exercises helping to build, strengthen and tone muscles. The quick delivery of stations keeps the heart rate high and the recovery time low keeping your lungs pumping and your heart beating improving aerobic fitness, energy levels and mental health.

Our group circuit classes often take place on a morning getting you ready for the day ahead, feel accomplished and enhancing metabolism. The regular sessions cultivate consistency in your training improving your chances of achieving your goals.

Finally we believe training needs to be enjoyable, if you can enjoy your training your chances of success improve significantly. Circuit classes are a great approach as the regular changing of stations and varied approach keeps things interesting.

For further information about our circuit classes, or to book on, please contact us.